Empire total war, units dissapearing

I installed Empite Total War from steam on my new computer but there are a couple of problems, 1 it has REALLY long load times, sometimes 4 minutes long, and when it finally load the units are invisable unless you are very close to them! It is very frustrating as Empire total war is 1 of my favorite games and i would really like to play it right. Sometimes though the game load screens load normally lengh wise and the units are sometimes the units show up properly but only 1/3 of the time does it load proper. Please do help me as i am out of ideas!
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  1. Ok so i tested the game several times in the same map and each time no units appeared. I tried lowering settings but it did not help. Only possitive note is that when i disable crossfire the load times increase dramaticly but the units are still invisible unless you move close.
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