Help with the research of an old game!

Dear TH community, here's the problem: I've searched for YEARS (not joking) for a particular game I played in the old days on my mother's pc at work, but I've never been able to find it.
The game ran on Windows 95 (and probably even 98).
I don't know its name. All I know is that the game involved a grid made of many squares which created the lanes where your spaceship (a red triangle with a tiny rectangle in the front as a gun): you had to navigate in the grid trying to kill the other spaceships that were spawned, and you had to time your shots right in order to hit them when they were charging towards you or moving around.
With the leves, the AI became smarter and smarter, and it would start dodging most shots (they were quite slow) just by changing lanes after they had shot at you, or they sensed a projectile coming.
In the end, you would be overpowered by many ships all firing everywhere and evading your shots.

If someone remembers this game, please, TELL ME!!!! I've been wasting a lot of time in this research!

Thanks for your help and patience!
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  1. I know a similar game... is the game you're looking for called "Grid Assault"?
    If it is, I don't know where to download it I got it off my friend lol. But anyway, "Grid Assault" sounds like the game you're looking for. It looks like this right?
  2. Would the game your looking for happen to be called Alien Force?
  3. This has got to be the greatest necroing in the history of mankind.
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