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i have AMD ATHLON II X2 240 @3.2 GHz,ASUS MN268-AM PLUS.1.25GB DDR2 333 MHz of RAM.ASUS EN8400GS 883MB video memory.I am using 1024 X 768 resolution.

i want to play new games.crysis warhead, etc...
i want to buy a new graphics card.i am living in india.i am on a tight budget.
i want a graphics card under RS4500.I prefer nvidia more.please tell me a good graphics card,please help me.
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  2. mi1ez said:
    double post

    sorry,but i want reply
  3. Get the 9600GT
  4. Yes.The 9600 GT is your best bet
  5. yes go for 9600gt, it can run crysis at medium with the odd high setting.
  6. I'd go with 8800 GT (not GTS) 512 MB or 9800, it's cheap now and much better than 9600 (I think).
  7. If its cheap then definitely go for it.
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