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hi guys, i recently built my computer and it finally worked, but when i installed one of my classic games (halo combat evolved), the game would start up, a black screen would appear, and my desktop background would change for some reason with the game closed. i already reinstalled the game 3 times and the same thing happened. the game would just not start at all. my system is surely capable of halo since its very old, but i was just wondering if the cause of this was my graphic card drivers, because i installed from a cd (bfg geoforce 210mb). anyways my os is windows xp home sp2. thanks for the replies.
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  1. Upgrade to SP3, get the latest drivers off nVidia and install latest DirectX9.
  2. i don't have internet at the moment so i cant upgrade to sp3 yet, as for the drivers and dx9, so im just speculating at the moment. do you think that the old driver (cd) that came with the gpu is causing the game to just crash to desktop and not start at all? would you think that reinstalling the drivers would help fix this problem? thanks
  3. also the other games that i started installing work...so maybe its just halo?
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