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Hey All,

This should be an easy question. I'm installing a motherboard into a case. The case has these bumps that align with screw holes in the motherboard. The case came with 1 plastic spacer, and 6 plastic plugs for the bumps. However, the plugs are only for when the metal bumps aren't align with the motherboard.

So the question is... will the contact between the metal bumps and the motherboard be okay? Do new motherboards have an area around the screw that is safe from shorting out the board?

Thanks all! Hope that makes sense. Wanna finish building this system tonight.
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  1. Not exactly sure what you mean. If you are refer to the metal toughing the area right around the screw hole, then yes that is fine.

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  2. If those mounting point are tall enough and line up with the holes, you're fine. The board is only safe from shorting at the mounting holes. If any of those mounting points line up with a spot on the board that has no hole, you're in trouble.

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