Intermittent Lag

For months now whenever I start playing a game, I get a constant FPS lag that occurs every 5 seconds or so - it freezes the game for about a second and then resumes at the normal FPS. E.g. If I'm running forward, the game will freeze, then I'll warp forward about 10 meters.

All temperatures normal.
Did a spyware scan, nothing found.
Virus scan, nothing found.
Defragmented disk and registry.

SINGLE player, not multiplayer. Nothing to do with connection.

Drivers all updated, even the BIOS.
Turned off all unnecessary background applications.
Using TuneUp Turbo Mode - disables some unneeded services, etc.


Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (3.0GHz)
5GB RAM (odd I know - couldn't fit one of the sticks because of my Zalman)
XFX Radeon HD 4870 1GB
700W PSU

Any suggestions?
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  1. So we can say you have 2 x 2gb memory sticks and you also have 2 x 1gb memory sticks also.
    But you cannot fit one in as the cpu cooler is in the way of the DDR 2 memory slot.

    You will run into problems by having two sticks of memory in as the board will want to use dual channel memory mode, but you also have 1x 1gb stick in single channel memory mode.

    run the system on just 4 gb in dual channel mode see if the problem stops for you.
    The other thing is to check in the bios if you have amd cool and quiet turned off.
    it lowers the core speed of the cpu,when windows thinks the cpu is idle.
    Also change your power options in windows 7.

    Hope this helps you out. !
  2. Mostly a RAM problem, when the processor has difficulty accessing the data on the RAM due to unrecommended RAM setup.
    Also could be a game setup problem. Do you have the latest patches for all your games?
  3. I've removed the 1GB stick of RAM and AMD cool and quiet is turned off, but all games are still laggy EXCEPT portal. I've always found that valve games don't suffer from lag at all, but Call of Duty 4, Dirt 2, GTA 4 all suffer from severe lag. It even lags on call of duty 1!

    I'll check power settings now.
  4. Okay I need help with a few things. These are the current settings of things I have no knowledge about:

    - PCI Express:
    * Link State Power Management: Off

    - Processor power management:
    * Minimum Processor State: 100%
    * System cooling policy: Active
    * Maximum Processor State: 100%

    Am I right in assuming these are fine?

    If so then I've done everything you've said and still laggy. Help!
  5. Just did a disk error check, nothing.

    Anyone know what's going on?
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