After installing game (GTL) with starforce protection PC won't boot

I found a relatively old post about this issue but the post in question degenerated into other topics so I am starting my own.

I made the supreme Mistake of Installing a game called "GT Legends" or "GTL".

The game uses a lousy protection scheme called "Starforce" that allows you to run the game from the CD ROM.

The drivers for this program are not signed, but by the time you realize that is a bit too late.

The net effect is that upon Rebooting Windows Pro 64Bit you get a message to "Reboot choosing a disk with an OS" (I am paraphrasing here, basically it's saying I am booting off a drive without the OS in it.

After numerous searches I found that pressing F8 and getting to the boot choice menu you have to choose "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" and the machine will finally boot.

I did more research and it appears that you have to uninstall these starforce drivers to roll back thing and Starforce provides a coupe of programs to help with that.

Here is the problem:

1) When I press F8 instead of the boor choices I get a Asus screen telling me what keys to press to get where I want to go. One of the choices is F8 but it takes an enormous amount of time to have the screen appear and a most times it just reboots and shopws the same inane message that it can't boot.

2) The other option I found on my own was to press Ctrl M and choose the boot drive manually in the boot loader screen. That sometimes reboots windows properly (it seems that to get to the boot choices is a bit of a chore on my machine).

3) I followed the instructions posted in various forums to try and delete the Starforce drivers, but they are not where the posts all say they are.

4) I downloaded and installed the Starforce utilities to respectively (a) find and update and (b) Uninstall the starforce drivers. Both tell me I have no Starforce drivers installed. (which is what I found out by looking for them as well)

5) Yet, the drivers must be someplace because a) I did not uninstall them, and b) my machine was booting fine before this mess and what I am seeing is clearly the presence of an unsigned driver(s).

6) I tried performing a System Restore, but before I did I checked what files would have been affected. The starforce drivers are not there. In fact, no drivers are there at all except a couple that I know exactly what they do.

The computer is about a week old so I don't have a lot of experience with my MoBo yet. Please forgive me if I missed something obvious (specs in sig)

I am wondering:

1) Does anyone have any experience with this?
2) Can I ask Windows to find any unsigned drivers on my machine?
3) Any other ideas? I can't mess around with the startup each time. I need to fix this.

BTW, no one is taking responsibility for this mess, not the game devs not the starforce folks. As usual.

Thank you.
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  1. Since I had to reboot, I can now describe the process a bit better:

    1) Upon reboot now I see a ASUS bios window with the different keystrokes necessary to perform the regular tasks (F8, Del for Bios access, etc.)
    2) Pressing any of the keys seems to do nothing but after a few minutes whatever choice one made gets activated.
    3) Left alone the system tries boting but then displays this message:

    "Reboot and Select Proper boot Device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

    4) So I press Ctrl Alt Del and once again I see the Asus screen with all the choices.

    5) pressing F8 (and or Ctrl M - this time I pressed both) takes me to a mini boot screen listing my hard drives. First is the CD drive, then the Document drive (D) and then my external USB drive. At the very last place is my C drive (Raid 1).

    I am thinking to go in the BIOS and change the drive order placing the C drive right after the CD Rom, but first I would like to hear back and see what this can be.

    Thank you
  2. very nice info.. thanks guys :ange:

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