Looking for an old RPG game

As the title said im looking for an old RPG game i played a long time ago, sadly i almost remember nothing of it only some parts of the game play, not even the year it was released.

Alright what i know: The game slightly like Titan Quest only my character (an elf i believe) started in this huge forest with the starters town being a big tree village and the only way to get to the monsters to hack n slash you had to use some sort of wooden lift. A bit later you also get multiple (I had 3 i believe) to control, you could give them simple commands and you can change their equipment. As far as i remember i only got in the forest and so i dont know if the game had more than just that forest.

It had the basic RPG elements like attributes and skills you can distribute whenever you leveled up. Also it was slightly 3D, a bit better looking than Diablo, the graphics that is, but i could be mistaken.

EDIT: I completely forgot to add that it was a point and click type of RPG and not like Elder Scrolls Morrowind, it was really like Titan Quest only worse graphics because it was older but it was the game type of gameplay.

If someone recognizes the game please tell because its driving me crazy, it was the one of the only 2 RPG games that really sucked me in and make me forget the time lol, the other being Titan Quest.

Thanks in advance.

- Xadro
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  1. Somehow i couldn't edit my post a few minutes back, hence this double post, my apologies.
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