FIFA 10 Screen Tearing Problem

So no matter what I do, I get ridiculous amounts of screen tearing on FIFA 10 when running any resolution (the max I've ran it on is 1080p). The screen tearing goes down a bit with a resolution of 720p but it's still there. Since there is no vsync slider on the game setup options, I'm trying to force it through the Catalyst Control Center and also through the RivaTuner's D3DOverrider. I don't see why I'm having so much trouble with this game. I regularly run games like Bad Company 2, NFS:Shift, Price of Persia, Street Fighter 4, and MLB 2k10 with absolutely no problems (at max settings on each).

Anyone have an idea of how to solve this? It's not my fav game but the problem is annoying enough for me to not want to play it at all...

My system is:

CPU: Intel Core i7 960 @ 3.2Ghz

GPU: ATI Radeon 5970HD 2GB

RAM: 9GB DDR3 1333Mhz

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

DX version: 11

Thanks for the replies!
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  1. never mind! problem solved! i basically thought of essentially what causes screen tearing so i thought about what exactly can make the game essentially more taxing on my gpu so that it can slow down the fps.

    SO i went on CCC and put anti-aliasing at max (@16x) instead of using app settings. i also did the same with anisotropic filtering. mipmap detail level is at max, vertical refresh is "always on", disabled catalyst a.i., used anti-aliasing mode "super-sample aa" and have triple buffering checked on. at the same time i also ran d3doverride from rivatuner and made it so that vsync is on and triple buffering is on.

    as for the game settings i used, i made sure to max out all the settings, including resolution.

    it made the game run really well. very smooth, no tearing AT ALL, and with really nice visuals.
  2. Ya I was just going to tell you all that :D
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