A few problems after improper shutdown.

Hello, I have a Windows 7 Pro 64bit PC and a few weeks ago I had to shut it down improperly. It has since been having some problems. Usually I go to start and choose "sleep" but a few weeks ago when I tried to put it to sleep the computer just froze, monitor and keyboard turned off but the pc never went into sleep mode. I could not wake it up or put it to sleep and had to hold the power button until it shut down.

I never shut it down this way but I had no choice. While the PC was booting I got a black screen saying that my HDD needs to be check for errors(or something like that). The problem is that it just says "Error" and does not complete the check, and the computer boots normally. But every time I restart or turn on my pc it asks me to check my drive for errors and gives an error every time.

Never happened before improper shutdown. Now I am not sure what to do, I really don't want to reinstall windows so it would be great if you guys could share some ideas on how to fix this. Can I repair my installation without loosing my data (or what can I use to check the health of my HDD)?

The hard drive is almost new, I only have it for a month (Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB) SATA II.

Thanks, any help appreciated.
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  1. Manually run the disk checker, it will run the next boot and should resolve the issue.
    Or you can start in safe mode, comand prompt and type chkdsk /f /r
  2. I had the same issue, turns out there is a hotfix that seems to do the job!


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