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Yo... Uhm, it might've been there alot of times but I saw none of it solved. Soo...

I got Windows Vista, Oblivion game of the year edition updated and I can't acces the console. I tried reinstalling the game several times and it works on my friend's comp when I tried installing my Oblivion on his PC.

I do have bAllowConsole=1, but the ~ key won't work ingame anyway. It works outside and all, but the console won't ever open.
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  1. I tried even plugging in two different keyboards (I'm playing on laptop, Asus M50Vseries).
  2. I tried disabling Vista's IRC, too. Didn't change a thing.
  3. it is usually caused by a conflict with the IR remote controller -even if it is not in use the drivers for the remote will intercept that key press and not send it to the game - There is a troubleshooting guide oon the Fallout 3 forum that details some fixes that you might try (Fallout 3 uses the same engine and has the same problem so the troubleshooting is the same !!) -- SEE HERE
  4. I tried using "Ring of Console", disabling IR Remote and AutoHotkey, too. Neither one of it worked o.O
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