Yes I know the thread is old.. but here goes anyway.

Even back then and now... the socalled 'working',avail, notworkign wasnt quite right.
I show 90% of the games I have in mame (list) as working or available.. yet its more like 10%.

The fact is the only guaratneted way I have of having a list of 'playable' games is to dragdrop the 'wanted' game to a custom folder i call favorites and use only that folder.

If only I could xml that list and use it in hyperspin it would be cool.
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  1. The "working" and "Avaliable" tabs in MAME work fine for me, and have always worked right (at least since 0.67).
  2. Hmm it depends on defination I guess.

    AS it is, otu of the box I would expect there to be a high% of not working or not whatever... one should have to add roms and etc to get near 100% or any relevant # I guess.

    But note that while my current mame is more out of the box than before.
    Im not having much more % change than I had before when on XP when I had a whole lot more roms (had a crash and only my personal or financial stuff in MYDOCUMENTS was backedup.

    In my new setup everything is fully backed up to a home server.
    MY new house is a computer heavy home.

    The working and available I guess it depends on defination.
    I get a few 'green' ones that are definately not working.
    And even a few reds that are working just fine and were heavily tested.

    Obviously I relize part of the solution is to obtain more roms to reduce the % of difference I have between what I see and what you see.
    But that also will depend on value... Im not going to download hundreds of roms or etc just to find that most will never be played.

    As it is, Im still figuring on removing or somehow ignore via hyperspin or similar games that are not in my favorites folder (in mame).

    To me, working means fully able to play or emulate.
    If its missing stuff, its not working. And thats even per some other vets on other sites (ive had mame all along, but until recently I havent tried to go thru all of whats in there (the games I wanted have always been there and they are in fact even now the only ones I personally care about.
    My effort is per a nephew who is having a laptop basically turned into a game console.. and Im maming it along with other emulations.
    The same laptop is also a HERCULES mainframe that he has used till recently.
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