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Hey, I changed from automatic shift to manual shift, but I can't find the key which I can change my shift. I went to options-->controls, but there are only controls for gamepad, I don't know why, and there aren't any controls for keyboard. Please guys, with what key can I change shift? I pressed all my button on keyboard, but none of them work. o.O Thanks in advance.
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  1. with car games most wont have set a updown shift you have to set it,but i dont have the game so i cant say what to do. try youtube(ask on a vid?)
  2. most of the NFS series use the left shift and CTRL keys
  3. Get the patch that allows you to use the mouse. Then somewhere is different keyboard settings that you need to click through (kinda like the graphics system). Also, check that you dont have the clutch active, otherwise you may have pressed the right button but coz the clutch wasnt pressed it wont change :P
  4. Go to Options --> Gameplay --> Controls --> Preset. It should display as "Preset 1". Now press the right arrow key 3 times, so that it changes to "Preset 4", which is the keyboard setting preset. Click Enter Key, & you should be able to access the keyboard controls. Choose whatever you want to for shift up/down. The default setting is Insert for UPshift & Delete for DOWNshift.
  5. thats wat i was trying to say..i just dont have shift installed, so cant remember properly :D
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