EVER HEARD OF THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH? this is common 4 all compaq workstations,latops all of them r garbage never buy a compaq only buy clones that way u r safe !
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  1. Every so often we get someone in the forum who works for Compaq, Its quite funny how they dont deny that compaq is crap, but try to make up excuses for them, LOL, Face it guys, they are crap
  2. I made the mistake of buying a Compaq Presario approximately 4 years ago. One major thing that annoys me is how the things are arranged inside the case. Another was the screws they originally used.

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  3. OK, personally, I dislike Compaq, more for historical reasons than any current thing, but...

    >>never buy a compaq only buy clones that way u r safe !

    uhmm.... hello?
    With compaq at least you know what you're getting, all 10,000 computers in a production run are pretty much the same.
    With clone, if may be the best computer you'll ever have or be a piece of garbage that couldn't aspire to clean dust off of Compaq's motherboard...:)

    besides, truth be told, I'm writting this on a Compaq workstation at work which hasn't crashed since I started working on it on September 18th, 2000... I mean not once:)
    I routinely leave it on for weeks at the time, only restart when my password expires or need to update the settings or something... otherwise, I just let it sleep:)
    And while I don't have 3dstudio or some such thing running, at any given time I'll have at least 7 programs open, plus a citrix window with another 5 or more applications... so yes, I'd say I give it a run for its money:)

    so while I won't ever buy one for myself, I don't get idiotic about slamming them either:)
  4. I agree the compaq workstations seem to run fine. I work on one myself but I do basic work stuff. When it comes to doing homestuff like streaming mulitmedia and abvoe all GAMES sometimes it's jsut too much of a pain to put up with thier proprietary junk. Thier sound cards are notoriuosly evil. Almost as bad as the Packard bel ones.

    Damn right i won´t!!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  6. This is a classic example of what I am talking about. People do not know what they are buying when they buy it. If I am making an investment of $1000 dollars or more I go and find out everything about it before I buy it. I mean you don't go to store and buy rotten tomatoes do you? No, you don't, you spend a little extra time and inspect it. crack open the case before you buy a computer. Just a tip!
    Take the time one day and go buy your local Compaq dealer and open up the case. The new units are totally upgradeable.
  7. Just a a friendly tip! Compaq does not make sound cards!
  8. Perhaps, but the sound card that came in my old Deskpro 4000 had no other identifiable markings on it than "Compaq" and the drivers for it were generic ess- so do they just use generic crap that's even worse than oem brand? probably. BTW, those hex screws holding in the cards sure ARE a pain. Oh, and did I mention how much I HATE riser boards? just wondering...

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  9. They don't make soundcards but they put crappy proprietary ones in thier systems. Or at least they used to. I'm sure packard bell didn't make sound cards either.
  10. What do you mean proprietary? What model do you have?
  11. Exactly my point here... You bought it brother... yo should have learned more about it before you bought it....
  12. Well, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining too much, because I'm not- Sure the riser board threw me for a loop when I first opened the case, but I wasn't planning on upgrading the system anyway, since I got it very cheap on ebay- It is just a nice computer for my kids, that's all. I do have to say that as far as the hardware goes, everything is still working in it, although I upgraded the vid card to a Voodoo3 3000 PCI- that's when I found the lovely hex screws- Why would they even bother doing something like that? To dissuade non-computer experts from tampering with the system? Heck, you don't need to know anything about computers, just be handy with tools. I don't think that's something I could have found with research, either. But the point is well taken; people should research their purchases as much as possible before buying- I just certainly wouldn't recommend an older Compaq system to anyone who want's to do any kind of upgrading, that's all.

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  13. Well there are comercial compaq workstations, servers, and notebooks. Those my perform better do to the fact that they are commercial units, aka coperate personal know what a computer should and shouldnt be doing. The home systems on the other hand suck complete sh|T!. For starters dividing the hard drive into a normal operating section and another section that contains the restore software. Dear god do you really need to have the recover software on the system if it runs reliable? I think not! Not to mention the damn backweb runs in the background and sucks up resources like mad! Compaq home machines certainly suck!

    Lets face it people, there are stupid people and stupid questions! :lol:
  14. Well, seeing your grammar and spelling ability, it is no wonder you have issues with Compaq Computers. I mean if you don't like the Backweb tool, disable it. The reason Compaq puts the backup software on the computer is for convenience in case you ever need to restore software or a driver. Believe me I have worked around computers a long time most issues are caused by the USER!!! I like to call it ID10t error or problem between chair and keyboard.....

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  15. no all compaq's blow
    p.s. build your own you will love it more

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  16. mbaha... Wow you put lots of time and effort into that reply.

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  17. Sometimes the truth is quick to point out

    "Work is the curse of the drinking class"
  18. Yeah but do you have anything to back your opinion up or are you a bandwaggoner!

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  19. Just curious, how much is Compaq paying to to defend their pathetic a$$es? It most be a good amount of money to open support and defend such a piece o' sh|t computer company.

    A mime is a great thing to waste! :lol:
  20. Sorry, I just proof read my work for my English class. This is a forum, not an english class. And believe me, others grammer is much worse then mine. Also you dipsh|t what does grammer or spelling have to do with computer skills? Thats like saying somebody that cant sing well cant drive a car properly. Get your head out of Compaq's A$$.

    A mime is a great thing to waste! :lol:
  21. Nothing, I just have an opinion! Just like you but mine seems to be more positive.

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  22. A few of you guys on here may need to see about getting on Prozac or something. You guys are sooooo negative. Hope your life isn't the same way!

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  23. To me it shows your education or lack there of.

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  24. So when you look in a fun house mirror, ZaNtHeR, do you think you really look like that?
    I don't think perception is always reality.

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  25. If that was the only image I had ever seen of myself.. YES!

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  26. I dunno, i know the older pissarios were crap but i like mine. It has all standard components no more proprietary crap, at least in mine. Its a 5838.

    Its got:
    4x4x24 philips cd burner
    Had 32x cd rom now its got 72x true-x Kenwood
    Had sb pci 128 now its got a sb live value
    3dfx Voodoo3 1000 AGP
    Athlon classic 500
    192mb ram came with 128

    None of the stuff in it was onboard. I made shure it wasnt proprietary b4 i bought it. Even compaq's duron lower end computers dont have onboard stuff it is all standard

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  27. So, what you are saying is that the only Piss-ario component you have right now is the box?

    That´s one way to get around the problem!

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    When it´s bad, it´s still very good!
  28. Nope all that stuff came like that from the factory except for the extra 64mb and the kenwood true-x and the sb live.

    BAN Tbirdinside, and AMDmeltdown
  29. The only thing that is nearly equivalent to the pain of owning a Compaq is the pain of having to fix one. In case everyone doesn't know it, you cannot just format a disk and reinstall the OS like you can with virtually every other PC on the planet - no, Compaq forces you to download their proprietary drivers (you get to try to figure out which ones are the right ones!), and go through a ton of configuration issues just to get the machine back up and running (maybe). It turns out that there is a hidden partition on the HD which contains, of all things, part of the BIOS code! Trash this and you are in real trouble. I realize this helps Compaq make money on repairs, but it sure doesn't help anyone else!
  30. Have you thought about , why would COMPAQ want to help their clients?

    They only want to make money, Fu_ck the clients!

    Sex is like Pizza! When it´s good it´s really good.
    When it´s bad, it´s still very good!
  31. Compaq uses crap components. I’ve found numerous hardware atrocities in Compaq Deskpro systems including, 66MHz max bus speed on PII CPUs over 350MHz, Up to 4 different brands of RAM memory in one system! (all with the Compaq logo), Quantum Bigfoot hard drives, and more.

    And don’t even try to upgrade one.

    - I got a board too:
  32. I have a shirt that says:
    <i><b><font color=black>COMPAQ</font color=black>
    <font color=red> SUCKS</font color=red></b></i>

    And not without a reason!
    X compaq owner.
  33. Where did you buy that shirt!!

    Me want one :) I R wear it wif pride I will

    Compaq<font color=red>(n)</font color=red><font color=purple>Com/pac:</font color=purple> A lemon in a flash case
  34. And this is different from other OEM's how???

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  35. That's great!!!! Bet you wear it proud in the trailer park!!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  36. You found that huh? Your a genius? Why did you buy it then?

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  37. You would!!

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  38. I don't buy them but I work for a large corporation that does. I have to support that Compaq crap some times.

    - I got a board too:
  39. Yep, I'd love one of those compaq shirt...I need a new polishing cloth for the car :p

    Compaq<font color=red>(n)</font color=red><font color=purple>Com/pac:</font color=purple> A lemon in a flash case
  40. You're the average Compaq fan? ;)

    I'm glad there's not many Compaq supporters then ;)

    Well you post here with the thing, that's already something ;)

    Signatures suck :P
  41. NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let this thread die already!!!

    Zanther is a Compaq employee, not a fan.

    Quarter pounder inside
  42. Hehe ok ;-)

    Signatures suck :P
  43. Your comments smells like a troll gone bad.
  44. what does a troll smell like... OH yeah smells like LAwson...

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  45. Only 5 days, you're getting quicker with those comebacks.

    <font color=blue>Quarter pounder inside</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>Change the Sig of the Week!!!</font color=red>
  46. MEMO to FAT Burger...
    Pick your fata$$ up even if you have to get a forklift to do it and exercise your body more instead of only your mouth and stomach...

    <b><font color=blue>Perception is Reality!!!</b></font color=blue>
  47. Hmm... 6'1", 180 pounds, and I have pictures to prove it if you so require.

    <font color=blue>Quarter pounder inside</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>Change the Sig of the Week!!!</font color=red>
  48. Maw haw haw, that jokes nearly as bad as the computers you make.
    BTW those compaq T-Shirt are totally crap for even polishing my's guys can't even make a good polishing cloth.

    Compaq = POS

    End of story, thank you, and goodbye :p

    Compaq<font color=red>(n)</font color=red><font color=purple>Com/pac:</font color=purple> A lemon in a flash case
  49. Fatburger: How's your stress level? Bad things never seem to die, just get regurgitated over and over again...6'1 and 180. Then how exactly did you come up with your handle? Sounds more like a reasonably lean burger.

    This parachute is guaranteed for the life of the user...
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