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I have i Hofner 1958 semi acoustic jazz guitar with a bent neck... how could i remove this neck either to fix or replace?
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  1. You could try clamping it, hanging it, or better taking it to a shop.

    Check and see if the nut at the top of the neck is worn - making the strings sit lower possibly causing a buzz (as the action is too low).

    You could possibly raise the bridge if it can be adjusted.

    If it has a truss rod they might be able to do something for you in a chop - don't try tensioning that yourself.


  2. the action is too high as the neck where it is guled to the body(like an acoustic guitar) has lifted slightly off the body(at the bottom). It has a truss rod as well.
  3. Idealy, I want to remove the neck, streighten it and dress the frets then re attatch it... I can do this on Stratocasters ala "bolt on neck", but wondering how one does it for acoustic or les paul types of instruments.
  4. If this is a valuable instrument (either $ or in sentimental value), your problem sounds like a job for a pro.
  5. True ... a nice old Hofner is quite collectable.

    My mate has a Hofner bass from the 50's.

    Is worth quite a bit.

    Whist I am comfortable doing the action on my Strat I still get a pro to do my harmonics ... that bit confounds me.
  6. Yes. It's one thing when you have an electric with a bolt on neck. A glued up acoustic is another matter.
  7. Shaort answer: Methinkx that model has a locked muliplier and the FSB is so high already that you won't get a decent overclock out of it.
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