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Quick question guys, is the $15 upgrade only for premade computers such as HP, Dell, etc? I built my computer from scratch in August of 2012 and got the OEM Windows 7 so trying to figure out if I need to get the $15 or $40 upgrade... thanks for the help!
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  1. Hi :) HAS to be from a Major manufacturer..... you have no choice but to buy the $40 upgrade... which is a SHORT TERM offer by the way...until January 2013.

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I had a feeling that was the case :/... Thanks for the clarification Brett!
  3. Seems like a lot of trouble just to save $25..

    Still no win-xp win8 dual boot, and it seems like the win8 install kills your old os.

    It could be $0.99 for windows 8, but with no dual boot and no options to be "allowed" to run other os systems if i wish turned me off to windows 8 even though it is fairly cheap to buy.

    There is also a legit $39.99 upgrade, It's not the price but rather the way the os installs.

    It seems like Microsoft has made windows 8 to be the ONLY OS on your computer.
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