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Win 7 back up goes to 25% then repeatedly tells me to insert removable media. Have tried several new (formatted) DVDs. Also says write a particular label - but where? Am backing up impoortant material manually on separate DVD to be safe. halp please!
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  1. Not sure what you are saying.
    (1) If backing up win7 using win 7 backup program. It will require from 3 to 5 DVDs. For each disk it will prompt you to write a label on the disk, This is normally just writing on the the disk to Identify it. ie BU Win 7 (date) disk 1 of x. Or you could use a program to create a disk label, or if you use printable DVDs then print using your ink jet printer. Note: if you need 4 DVDs and you complete disk 1, then you have completed 25% and need to insert the 2nd DVD - label it and stick it in. You will also create a seperate DVD that is a bootable restore disk.
    When you finish writing all the DVDs, then you should also verify that you can read them.

    (2) If you are having a problem writing to a disk, then that is generally a problem with the DVD Medium, or the drive itself. Normally an error message to the effect the disk is not writable, or incountered error writing to disk.

    You can also "send" this image file to a 2nd HDD (either internal or External (Personally I do both - 1) to DVDs and 2) to a external USB HDD), or a Thumb drive. Thumb drive would need to be large enought to hold the image - ie 32 Gig, but that's kind of expensive and ties up a large capacity/expensive Thumb drive.
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