Crysis Win7 5870 freezing/mouse in menu

Hello everyone!

First, I was having a problem with using the mouse in the menu screen. It wasn't tracking correctly or the screen would appear in the corner of my display and I was unable to access some buttons, so I found a remedy of going to the task manager and ending dwm.exe which let me use native resolution and access everything although the screen is smaller- it works. If anyone knows a fix that will let me use the full 24" of my display, that would be great!

Once I begin, during the intro when they are on the place, there are a few stutters then the game inevitably crashes to black screen with the music/sound effects still playing. There is no way out of this black screen (ctrl/alt/delete, alt+tab - dont work) except to do a hard restart then come back in to windows in safe mode.

The optimal graphics button puts it to high graphics settings.

I am running off a disk using patch 1.2 (1.1.6115?)

I put my the fan speed in CCC (v. 10.4) up to 100% and it is still happening within a minute or so of playing.

My stats:
I7 930 at stock 2.8Ghz
Diamond 5870 1GB
24" Dell 2010 (not ultrascan)
6GB Mushkin DDR3 1866 (running at 1600)
Windows 7 x64
Corsair 850W PSU

Any ideas? The game looks awesome but this is getting frustrating (esp for a 3 yr old game)

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  1. Update your display drivers to the Catalyst 10.4a. Set your native screen resolution to the maximum allowed by the monitor.
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