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Hello all,

My question is does anybody know where to find the line to change your max FPS, I am playing COD W@W and I am pretty sure it comes preset @ 92 fps, my card never goes over or under 92 fps, I remember how to do it form COD2, but can not find the correct line in COD W@W. C: drive > Prog files > ETC ETC, has anybody located the one that I need to change? I remember in COD2 it used to be (something) set max_fps, however I am either blind or the mod line isnt there. Any help would be appreciated.

Slowdraw AKA Ray
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  1. Why would you need to make it higher than 92fps???
  2. I dont need to I just want see what my new vid card will do.
    I have a GTX 480, and a GTX 260, I am thinking of using the 260 as a dedicated physix card, I want to be able to see if it will give me more FPS with or without a physix card. If it would really do any good to pull the physix chores off of your main card. If it doesnt do any better then I know I can sell the 260.

    Yes I know the 480 will handle whatever I can throw at it, just one of them questions that my mind needs a answer to.
  3. open up your console in game its the ` key.

    type in /com_maxfps200
  4. The tilda key works in COD4 not in COD6 have already tried that before I asked here, maybe I need to go to a COD website and ask, thanks for all the input.
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