Playing a 360 thru DVI-D on Monitor

I have the VGA plug for my 360 and I bought a VGA to DVI-D adapter yet when I plug it in to my monitor and go to switch from analog to digital the screen goes blank for a second and like automatically takes it self back into analog mode. I need some help on how to make this work please
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  1. ummm you cant, VGA signal is analog and DVI-D is digital.... no dice. DVI-A will work and so will DVI-I (this supports both digital and analog). But in the end you will only be outputting the analog signal and not a digital one.
  2. ^ I dont think that will work. It WOULD work IF the OP was trying to output a dvi signal to a vga monitor (such as was common for pc users before dvi monitors became the standard) but he is trying to do the opposite, ie output a vga signal to a dvi monitor which as I have already said cant physically work - dvi can be downscaled to vga but not vice versa.
  3. oh yeah... a digital can be converted to an analog signal, but not the other way around.... If you have a TV that has coaxial connection, try plugging the RCA (your Composite Audio/Video cables) into a VHS player that has RCA input and Coaxial output
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