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I have Logitech Z-5500 speakers and I have a small problem. That is "true" surround sound in games. How do you have eveything configured? Do games support DD or DTS? What should be written on speakers LCD? I don't want Digital Dolby PLII because that is just matrix. I am interested in true surround sound but I am not sure how to get it.

Thanks for help!
Kind regards, Matic
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  1. Almost all of today's modern games support 5.1 DTS/Dolby.

    Look here for configuration help:
  2. Thanks! I think I figured that out. I have Theatron Agrippa sound card and software support is not really the best. What is best for music Dolby Digital/DTS or DD PLII Music?
  3. Actually, you cannot compare them, since Dolby Digital is a method of data & audio compression technology, while DD PLII is a surround sound processing technology.
    For music & movies, I'd say go with DTS, since it tends to have more low end for a richer bass. But it's upto your personal preferences. Listen to both DTS & DD & then make your choice.
  4. Ok. Thanks again for your help.
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