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why cant i play splitscreen with joysticks, joystick work only single player. plz if anyone have an idea?
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  1. I have the same problem. Split screen would be a lot more fun if one person could use joysticks instead of having two people crammed onto one keyboard. Hopefully someone will figure out a workaround for this.
  2. It's completely down to the developers of the game whether they support split screen, and how that's controlled.

    It varies from game-to-game.
  3. I had an idea.. and it worked!!! I set one of my joysticks to use some of the keyboards keys as the buttons on the joystick using the program called Xpadder... i went into the game.. used one joystick as first player and used the second joystick(The one using Xpadder) as the second player.
  4. you r using two joystics.i asked for using keyboard &joystick
  5. nagaprasanna said:
    you r using two joystics.i asked for using keyboard &joystick
    i will connect my joystick.....but it is not in single player also......but its works in other games....how to i connect it....
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