YIKES sata question, kv8 pro

welp, apparently (to my knowledge) I can't boot up windows with my SATA drive.

here we go:

I had a 160 GB ata western digital
I put in a 160 GB sata samsung
I cleared the partition with windows from my western and reinstalled windows on the sata
Then I trasnferred my files
--Heres the problem--
now I only want my 160 SATA, but when i remove the Western Digital, i get the message ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM, PLEASE INSERT SYSTEM DISK.

I've tried : bios update, CMOS clearing, changing from primary/secondary \ master/slave and then taking out. Either way...windows is NOT installed anywhere on the western digital, and it IS installed on the SATA. why wont windows boot off of it!?


thanks for any replies,


p4 2.6C @ 2999 mhz
2x512mb pc3200 kingmax
ATI x800 pro
western dig. 160 gb 7200 8mb
asus p4s800
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  1. SATA can be tricky to setup. First my suggestion is leave the IDE drive unplugged until windows is up and running, this will ensure that the SATA drive is the C drive.

    First what is your first boot device in your BIOS? Second what is Hard disk boot prority set to? You do have Boot Other Device enabled?

    When your PC starts up, does it show your SATA drive after the IDE ones? (Does it detect it while booting up)

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  2. It definately sounds like Windows made your IDE drive "C" and put the bootloader there, and put the Windows files on the SATA drive. Make sure you've set SATA as first boot device in BIOS, or second only to CD-ROM, and try installing Windows without the IDE drive connected.

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