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Anybody heard of an XP-Pro problem where the user types in a web address it doesnt work but if you enter the IP of the same site it will work...

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  1. Check your file called <b>HOST</b> (no extension) in <b>Windows\System32\Drivers\etc</b>. Probably it's been blocked by some softwares (eg. Kazza-lite) assigned a nulled IP ( ). If it is, you can unblock it by delete the reference in the file.

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  2. If that isn't it, you have a dns problem. Check your dns config if you are using a static ip. If you are using dhcp you might be recieving bad dns information.
    If you are behind a home router your primary dns should be the router and the secondary should be your isp's dns controller. You can type in ipconfig /all at a comand prompt to see what your current primary and secondary dns is.

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