Can you name this game ?

Hi guys,
ok this is really old game or may be nintendo or something similar.
I want to play that game but don remember the name. So i will try to give adescriptin here and hopefully someone will be able to tell me the name ( ROM and corresponding emulator ).
In this game your player is like a ship and as you move one you get head attached to it and then legs attached to it so that it completely looks like a robot firing simultaneously from head, middle part and legs ( 3 bullets at a time )
And if you are hit then you loose your legs then head and finally it dies.
The first boss is kinda a mechanical robot with 3-4 head that of a dragon like creature throwing out lightening bolts.
Hehe i know it could be hard to figure out like this but if somebody could know what i am referring to ?
Help appreciated.
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    Ahhhhh... I had this on my old 8bit NES. It was called Mag Max.
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    Ahhhhh... I had this on my old 8bit NES. It was called Mag Max.

    Aaha you just spotted the right one mate.
    Nice that you were able to get the name from description :-)
    Very nice.
    Thank you so much
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