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Can someone make a suggestion of where i can find a single player game for girls? None of that makeup and dress up crap. I'm looking for one that has a female main character for what you play as. I've already played Oblivion and Dragon age. If anyone can suggest anything else I would appreciate it.
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  1. Fallout 3 you can create a girl and the game is fantasic (: i suggest that, if your on xbox, fable 2 you might like and i'll find out some more for you laters
  2. Dragon Age
    Diablo II
    Elder Scrolls III
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  3. Divinity II- Ego Draconis You can set up a female character in Neverwinter Nights & NWN 2 as well. Sacred & Sacred II can be played as a female.
  4. A lot of new new RPG's can be played by a female character.

    Mass Effect 2
    Mass Effect

    I think there are a lot of RPG's on here already, good luck playing all of them.
  5. Divinty 2 yes it's great!!!!
  6. number13 said:
    Divinty 2 yes it's great!!!!

    The original ( Divine Divinity ) was good as well.
  7. Spellforce series, Sacred series, Diablo Series, Fable series, dungeons and dragons Online (Free to play)...there are several more
  8. I have plyed through Sacred Gold ( has the expansion ) on the PC and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PS3. Played throuihg the first Diablo, but couldn't get Diable 2 to play for some reason ( I have the Battle Chest ). Have Played Fable: The Lost Chapters as well. All good.
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