Why Is My framerate in TF2 low?

I used to get about 35-40(maxed 1280x1024) constant fps on Tf2 with a geforce 210, which is an awful card.
I recently installed an hd5750 and now I can run l4d2 maxed out with aa and the works with like a constant 75fps. What could possibly be causing this?
System Specs
Ecs Gf8200a Mobo
Hd 5750
Amd 64x2 5200+ 2.7ghz
3gb 800mhz ddr2 ram
Windows 7 pro 64bit
Basic sata hard drive
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  1. TF2 is CPU hungry...

    (actually TF2 is "guilty" for me to start overclocking.. ;) )
  2. He's right. The graphic card will process frames only as much as the CPU provides them. So in this case, the CPU maxes out before the card does, which is why you're getting 75 max.
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