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Hey guys.. well i have a console.. started off with that in a way for like fps and stuff but i kno it ain't as powerful as what you get in like a pc... like much higher detail and more steady frames( if you have a good pc what im planning to get) but im uncertain about something.

I can play games on both pc and console but im really not sure if the extra details ect do me any difference? like more realistic lighting and stuff.. and if i got my new pc which i'll be putting alot of my money on will actually make me happy that it was worth spending all that money when i could have just spend £40 to play it on the console instead..

Also im not exactly a great keyboard person too when it comes to games.. and i find a controller more laid back to play with..

I am very enthused about getting the perofrmance and graphics ican get out of game though but at the end of they day i don't think i really like take in all thse new added details and focuses more on the game.. The only thing which i'd think make a difference betweeen console and pc would be in battlefield bad company 2 with the particle effect being much greater and easier to aim with mouse..

Sorry if this post is nooby :P
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  1. I guess its down to personal preference, im not a console gamer at all but have a lot of friends who are. They complain about the amount of childish smacktalk that goes on in the voice channels, presumeably because consoles are cheaper than gaming PC's thus more accessable for kids / young teenagers. Obviously you still get plenty of d1cks on the PC channels but I get the impression that its not as bad.
    I think you stand a better chance of decent teamplay on PC as well, unless playing left4dead on ragequitter nite...
    Personally I love control pads (consoles) for driving games or fighting games but when it comes to FPS then the keyboard / mouse combo rules the day. PC games can be a lot prettier than the console version but if it is just a quick developer port then you end up with the GTA4 problem which ran terribly even on high end pc's although by now I presume they have fixed it.
    I think also a lot of the PC gaming community enjoy the my gfx card is better than yours etc etc, but personally I cant really tell the difference between a few % in framerate or particle detail. Its all about the gameplay and the teamwork for me.
    Consoles are more pickup and play as you tend not to get so many crashes, driver issues etc like you can encounter with a PC.
  2. If gaming is all you do, then switching to a PC for the sake of graphics probably isn't worth it. If you do other stuff besides game, the PC really shines as a multi-purpose tool. My biggest argument in favour of the PC is that I am free to configure, change, upgrade and otherwise play around with it as I please.
  3. Community created mods which adds weapons, armors, new enemies, new areas, higher quality textures or total conversion. People who makes total conversion mods completely changes the entire concept of the game, this is also generally the most complex type ofmod and can take years to complete. These are free mods.

    Some example of Total Conversions (TC):

    Ultima 6 Project - Recreates Ultima 6 as a 3D game for those people who owns Dungeon Siege.

    Dino D-Day - TC for Half Life 2 - Fight Dinosaur in WW II that have been created by the Nazis.

    Middle-earth Role Playing Total Conversion - Creates the world Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkein) in Oblivion

    Zero Barrier - Defend the US, save your daughter, recapture a criminal before he leaves the country. A TC for Quake 4.

    Tamriel Rebuilt **Still under development** - To eventually create the entire continent of Tamriel province by province as presented by Bethesda in its previous Elder Scrolls titles. Eventually all of the nine provinces that comprise Tamriel will be playable in several or all of the Elder Scrolls games.
  4. I didn't know about that middle earth oblivion!!! Nice one! Jaguar!
  5. I only play on PC because I have a PC for other uses and just add a 100.00 graphics card and can play at moderate resolution and detail all the games I want to play. As another poster said, I would not move to the PC for graphics quality alone.

    If you already have a console, it is kind of 50/50 if you want to game on the PC. The only thing that might be better on the PC gamewise are shooters and real time strategy games.

    Sports games, racing games, fighting games, etc are usually better on the console with a gamepad, although you can use a game pad on the computer also, but the selection of games of this type on the computer is quite limited.
  6. Either do it or dont. I dont see why anyone is actually listing reasons.
    simple answer: if you have a decent comp then gfx are better.
    EVERYTHING else comes down to opinion
  7. MODS is probably the biggest reason. if you want to play mods ie ad hundreds of hours of gameplay to your games, the game on a PC. So many games have awesome modders.

    keyboard and mouse is nice, or you can use a 360 controller.

    graphics are better if you have at least an 8800GT.

    and they are really HD.
  8. I just do not see how you can feel the full experience of FPSs on consoles?
    How did you play the marvelous MW2 without a mouse?
  9. My brother like DOS games he don't want me to talk about the new stuff and I never did I just let him try the new games with keyboard or joystick now the house gang has a fearsome competition. Games are addicting and cost much, its a never ending story.
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