Hayes modem driver not working for 64 bit windows 7


I have a Hayes compatible modem driver .inf file, which works fine for 32 bit windows7. We have a requirement to make the .inf compatible with windows 7 64 bit, for which the inf file was modified. the modifications are:

%M27% = M27

%M2700% = M2700, PNPC031

%M27% = M27, ntamd64

%M2700% = M2700, PNPC031

%M2700% = M2700, PNPC031

However, after setting up the Dial-up connection, i get Error:777 The connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting device) on the remote computer is put of order.

The Driver details show that its refering to files:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\modem.sys and

I also tried adding modem driver from C:\Windows\inf\mdmhayes.inf
(the ntamd64 sections exists here too). The same Error 777 occurs.
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  1. Is this a programming question, or are you just trying to get a modem to work in Win7 64 bit?

    Does the Standard modem driver supplied by Microsoft work?
  2. yes this is a programming question. We already have a customized modem driver file used for an equipment, which works for 32 bit vista ,xp and windows 7
    is it possible to make this compatible with 64 bit windows 7 by editing the .inf file?
    if yes, please tell me i am proceeding in the right way..

    No. the standard modem file ( from C:/windows/inf/mdmhayes.inf) supports 64 bit. but using this inf also does not help me connect to the equipment.
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