Oblivion weird blue screen

Hi guys, just bought Oblivion and installed it, and no problems until I start playing the game. I have a HUD, but the actual game is a sort of blank turquoise colour, and I can't see anything. Have tried patching and searching for similar problems online, but to no avail. Any help appreciated.

I think it has something to do with a certain 'nVidia Black Screen bug'. Which apparently can cause the screen to go black, grey and a range of other colours. In my case purple.
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    If you think that is it, which it very well may be since your using an Nvidia card. Try this:

    If that doesn't work, update your Nvidia drivers to the latest version and patch Oblivion to the latest version.
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  3. Thanks bud, got it working in no time. Had something to do with HDR lighting.
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