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I just installed XP (Home Edition) to a newly-formatted partition, and am unable to Log on at the Logon screen. Even though I never created any passwords during the setup process, it keeps asking for my password. When I simply click on my user icon without entering a password, it won't log in either. Is there some hidden or system-created password, and if so, how do I find it? Help!!
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  1. Try typing "password", u never know!

    If problem persists just reinstall XP!
  2. At Logon screen, try hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete (combination keys) twice, it should show up W2k-style logon screen. Log on using Administrator account (by default for Home XP, its password should be blank so just hit ENTER). When you log into Windows you can change your account's password.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  3. Thanks for all your suggestions. After driving myself crazy, I just reformatted and tried another re-install, and this time I paid more attention at the user setup screen, and chose an easy password. It worked!! Sometimes the easiest way only SEEMS like the biggest pain in the butt! It certainly wasn't this time!
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