Is this a problem??

OK I've had alot of questions about my new system and here's one more. I've got a Thermaltake case with a 400W powersupply plugged into my MSI K8N Neo (not platnum) mobo and an A64 3200 CPU. When I installed the system monitor program that came with the motherboard, some annoying alarm kept going off every few seconds for the 12v. It was saying +1.XX, so 13.XX volts or something like that.

I don't know if this is a problem or even what it really means... can anybody clue me in? And is there a utility out there that might be a better one than the MSI one that came with my motherboard? Thanks alot!
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  1. The voltages are prolly off a little, but even at 13v it should be fine - its better then being undervolted... and that is a decent TT 400w PSU your using.
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