How many ps3 games do you own?

I have 26 games but I do often trade in games i have finished and wont play again, or games that are new that i wont play again for a while.. If i really like the game I will buy it again a few months later when its around 10-15 notes..

Below are what i have, tho I will Trade in AO2: 40th Day for Dantes Inferno finish that trade that in for Bioshock 2 etc.. If I come across a game i really like I will keep it like darksiders..

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Singstar Abba
Singstar Vol1
Singstar Vol2
Batman AA
Heavenly Sword
Fallout 3
Dead Space
Uncharted 2
Fifa 10
Rise of the argonaughts
Army of 2 - 40th da
Sacred 2
Assasins Creed
Star Wars Force unleashed
GT5 - Prologue
Valkyria Cronicles
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Genji Days of the blade.

To be3 honest I would probably trade a lot of the above games in but the trade in values are so low its not worth it.
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  1. i try and keep with the latest keep 10 games buy more till i have 20-25 then trade them on a few new games im currently sitting with

    god of war collection
    god af war 3
    batman AA
    assassins creed 2
    uncharted 2
    International Cricket 2010
    king of fighters 12
    tekken 6
    demon souls

    i keep a few great ones quite a long time but the god of war and uncharted 2 will always be there from now on
  2. I own ..
    PS3 Games
  3. What?? Nobody owns the Simpsons game or Monkey Island?? :P
  4. I own the simpsons game on Xbox 360 ... becaus i'm cool, you see... 8-)
  5. I currently own :

    All GTA games
    UFC 10
    Red Faction
    All NFS games
    Mirrors Edge
    Fallout 3
    Uncharted 1 & 2
    Tigerwoods 2010
    Batman AA
    Dead Space

    People are better off keeping their unwanted games instead of trading them in, you never know what they will cost 15/20 years down the road.
  6. Most of my old collection I had finished or just didnt like recently got stolen, will only replace a couple such as metal gear solid 4 possibly one of my fav ps3 games. I dont really get rid of my games (well by choice anyway) like looking at my mighty stack from time to time and thinking yeaaaa thats right I do have all those games haha
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