Crysis XtremeFX Particle Chaos Mod + Weapon & Vehicle Mods Download

This Mod takes Xtreme Particle Chaos to the next level, (v10.0 )

Combine that with more powerful Vehicles,with more horse power,speed and traction.

And a Weapon mod, and you have some great fun and Action.

Download will be in here

( )

Thank you.

Thanks Crymod.


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  1. Thats pretty epic, im gonna give it a try. How bad does this effect performance?
  2. Is that vid in slow motion or is that the actual FPS you get? ;)

    Hey Zerk...I never put the two together. Are you on EA's team for bad co2?
  3. those are probably just bad frames because hes recording it, that crap kills.

    and I tried this mod, looks awesome, doesnt really slow my gtx 260 down as far as I can tell
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