Multiplat Games PC or Console Help please

Dear Tom's Hardware, as of today i still have a little problem with deciding which side i should choose, ive build a pretty high end gaming rig and shelled out a lot of money cuztomizing it and enjoyed the process a lot, now here comes the real question from Gamers who own both a gaming rig and PS3/360, which one ahould i use as a promary gaming source?
(My PC Spec)
MB:EVGA X58 Classified 3x SLI e760
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @3.20
Ram: Corsair Domminator 6GB @1600
HDD: 2 Velociraptors in Raid 0
Video Card: EVGA GTX295 co-op edition
Power Supply: Corsair 1000HX


1.Super high end, can play anything maxed out

2.gotta install/patch games

3.most of the games dont have Trophies/Achievements

4.can use mouse/keyboard/360 game pad


1.can never reach the graphical level of my gaming rig

2.already got about 40 games that most of em still not opened

3.pretty much all games have trophies/achievement with streamline network/friend list

so Should i use my pc only for FPS/RTS/MMO and use my consoles for everything else or should i use my pc for everything and keep the console for exclusives only?

everytime i lean toward my PC i look back and feel bad that my consoles sit there and collect dost along with the libarary i build for them....
most of my favorite games are, Assassin Creed 1 and 2, GTA IV, Resident Evil 5, Batman AA, Prince Of Persia, Fallout 3, COD4, MW2, Splinter Cell.
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  1. Well that is a very solid rig and it would be waste if you played the multis on console.

    I mean check out some of the multi games released so far this year:

    Badcompany2 Console version 720p 28fps
    Bioshock 2 Console version 720p
    DRagon age awakening Console versions have terrible controls
    Grand theft auto episodes Console version 640p very low res textures 25-30fps
    Just cause 2 not sure
    Mass effect 2 console 720p
    Metro 2033 not sure but mostly like sub 720p
    Splinter cell conviction console version 576p

    All of the above are great games and i am sure i missed many other good ones released so far, the console versions even while pulling 720p barely pull 30fps.

    Plus since you already have a great PC. The PC version is cheaper then console version by a good 10-20usd. Average that out to 15usd. Even if you buy 20 games a year thats about 300usd saved a year just on games.

    Also remember that 5 years from now when the current consoles will be phased out, you dont know if the next console will have backward compatibility. With PC your investment is safe. You know you can get back to your old games anytime.

    IMO for multiplats PC is easility the better choice and to be honest when i look at console exclusives i just see a bunch which i would really like to play not all of them are good. 90% of games are multiplat anyways and we know they are superior and cheaper on PC.
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't give a flying fudge about trophies? Definitely go for the PC, it's a monster of a thing compared to a console.
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