Assassin's Creed II will not start

Hej i got the Assassin's Creed II yesterday. i installed it. it all goes well. Then i opens it, it looks for updates and then it fails.

Trying to get update information to C:\Users\Holt\AppData\Local\Temp\ubiFA0A.tmp.
Found update (Patch, all, all).
Trying to download update file from[...] Destination: C:\Users\Holt\AppData\Local\Temp\ubiFB63.tmp.exe.
Fatal download error (Connect failed).
Deleting downloaded data.

I cilk START THE GAME. a little loading thing comes after a while it stops and says that there are no connection to the internet and it close :( .

What can i do to play the game that i bought?.

(sorry for bad english)
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  1. Are you connected to the internet? You MUST have a constant online connection to the internet for the game to work. That's the wonderful DRM they have on it.

    From what you posted, it's trying to do an update/check and cannot get it. Either it can't find the file it's trying to access or else, it can't due to their not being an internet connection.

    Also, do you have any firewall running or any other security software? Maybe it's not allowing the game to connect?
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