Fallout 3 lag when turning (not GPU problem)

well i got fallout 3 today and well i had it at version 1.0 (presumably) and once i patched it to 1.7 nothing works right anymore. i cant turn without lagging i cant open my pip-boy 3000 without seeing through my hand for a moment and i cant fully enjoy the game. i have read that it may be a problem called micro shuttering but that doesn't explain why it worked at 1.0. and i know well that it isnt a system problem because i got a Nvidia GTX260 and an amd phenom 2 X4 955 BLK edition and 2 gigs of ram so that's not the problem maybe a corrupted patch or something idk BUT i will run it with fraps and report back with my FPS during these lag sesions oh and i am using stock drivers that came with card new ones always suck

answers plz
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  1. well checked the FPS during these moments and i run the game normally at around 70-60 fps pretty stable but when i turn or look up down well anyway really not always but sometimes it freaks out and dive bombs to 40-24 fps (24 lowest i have seen) but even at those frame-rates i still should be able to look around normally but i will try to turn off AA and stuff liekt that and see if that helps
  2. well i have checked thoroughly and it seems it happens whenever i look UP the oddest thing im pretty sure i have looked up before 1.7 happens even if i am at just a little bit of sky is shown and in the begining u have to see sky when u step out of the vault or whatever so yea thats the issue so far
  3. What OS? What resolution?

    >>2 gigs of ram so that's not the problem

    I wouldn't be too sure...
  4. Did you say your using the stock drivers that come with your graphics card?

    The "stock" drivers are not truly drivers, and your missing out on years of optimization that has been done by Nvidia. I could possibly see where your coming from if you have an ATI card, but AFAIK Nvidia is usually great with driver updates.

    Update your drivers man, I guarantee that will fix your problem. That would also explain why the patch has made your game have graphical issues, it may have worked with v1.0 of Fallout 3, but as patches come out new issues are introduced and Nvidia therefore puts out driver updates to fix them.
  5. well i got new drivers and it still does it
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