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2x Win7 boot problem

Hey guys havent been around for awhile but I see you are still being the kings of comp questions.My problem is when I removed a pata 160gb hdd from my system leaving my single sata 500gb left,I still have the windows screen after bios that makes me choose between 2 windows 7 os's.Im pretty sure one is from the old drive and the new one is on the bottom.So if I let it auto load it boots the top one which is the other drive that is not connected.How do I remove that choice or bump my 500gb drive up to the top choice?
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    Run msconfig, go to startup (if i remember correctly), and delete the selection for the HDD you removed.
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  3. Yup that did it.Thank you for making me realize how retarded I really am,even though I fix computers on a daily basis.Not really used to win 7 yet I guess as Ive never had that problem with XP unless it was 2 drives with independent OS's on them.Thanks treefrog and to the whole TH community,you guys are my life saving angels from cybertron above heaven lol.
  4. You're welcome for the help. Retarded? I seriously doubt that. I find that as I get older there are times I Cannot Remember Stuff.
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