dual proc. P3 or P4

I am wanting to do some building in the form of a dual processor PC. I currently have an AMD Athlon XP 2800/512 333/2700 ddr, etc. I have available to me: 2 pentium 3 (with 512 ram) 1ghz or 1 pentium 4 1.4 ghz (512 ram). I'd like to build a system ATX form factor either purchasing a single board for the 2 pentium 3 processors, or a board and another 1.4 ghz pentium 4 if that is possible. I found that I cannot dual process with the athlon XP unless i do some jumpering on the processor to make it function as an MP. Not interested in that.

Anyone have any good recommendations for a dual P3 or Dual p4 board? Does the P3 have to be a xeon to dual process? P4 ?

Thanks for any suggestions. Not new to building but new to dual processor system building. I'd like to try something new and re-use some unused items.

If it would be more economical to start from scratch, any other suggestions are welcome... i have an atx 2.03 compliant 400watt power supply, 512 ddr333/2700 corsair, 512 pc133 for the pentium 3's.
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  1. You can't go dual with P4 desktop CPUs. So your only choice there is the P3 1000, which has similar performance per CPU due to its shorter pipeline.

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  2. heya thatchaman;

    I hope you arent planning on using this PIII core for gaming as, it is going to be very difficult to find a Dual PIII mobo that has a 4x AGP slot onboard, they do exsist but how affordable and readily available they will be considering the age of the technology is another story.

    If its going to be used as a server a dual 1Ghz would be a nice Dual CPU server, but dont expect a power house because you will be dissapointed, a single 3Ghz p4c with dual channel memory mode enabled is faster then a Dual 1Ghz PIII core.

    Which btw can be built for under $400.

    P4c 3Ghz - $200 - Retail Box
    Abit IS7 - $75
    2x256MB Crucial PC3200 $98
    Total: $373

    Or the better alternative.

    2x512MB Crucial PC3200 $198

    for a total of $473

    Its a really fast core and will make you happy.
    You can also build the equivillent A64-3000 AMD system for slightly more.
  3. Thanks for the info, very useful. I'm both considering rebuilding and trying to use up some old parts. The particular PC's I have to merge were Dell Poweredge 500SC with the Tualatin 1ghz chip. (1000/256/133/1.75). One is in very good shape, one is very very dirty inside.

    So far I've stripped one machine, put both both 256mb DIMMS on the cleaner board, added the second hard drive.

    For home use of this machine, XP Pro, possible uses of dvd and mp3 extraction and basic net/web/no gaming, would there be any/much gain in using a dual p3 board and adding the second processor?

    This is not replacing my normal desktop at home that I use for myself.

    Any creative ideas or clearcut performance stats appreciated. If the cost of a dual processor board for this p3 is high, I may end up purchasing nothing and using it as-is with the doubled memory/HD as a single chip system.

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