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I'm really hoping someone can help me out. Newbie to the new tech - first new computer in 4 years -....strange things are happening and they're driving me crazy!! My new system is below - can anyone tell me why: my Lite-On DVD-RW 1213s drive won't play DVDs, wireless keyboard stopped working, generally unstable? I'm guessing conflict somewhere. For the DVD, whether I use the DVD soft for my ATI 9600XT or the PowerDVD or Win Media Player - DVDs hangs within first menu. I get a little ways into it and everything locks up with a hard shutdown half the time.

And my PS2 Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse worked for awhile but now it isn't even recognized. My gut feeling is there's a conflict/driver issue mucking up everything but I can't figure it out. Is it the D-Link, the order of installation - I did WinXP Pro, chipset plus other drivers on MB CD, video, and so on. I've tried to update every driver I have but nothing is working. Any ideas for a desperate man sitting here with Doom III (not to mention actually work stuff) and unable to get things to work right.


DVD player will copy and read normal data. Keyboard and DVD drive work just fine on old PIII WinXP Pro system. Keyboard did work before XP installed.

AMD 64 3200
512 VS Corsair
Lite-On DVD-RW 1213S
Seagate 80GB SATA 7200
MSI K8N Neo Platinum
ATI 9600XT
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  1. Don't worry, we've had numerous people here recommend this board. I'm sure one of them will help you out. Look <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A> first.

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  2. With the keyboard not working and so forth I'd check for power supply problems.

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