Upcoming DX11 games?

I haven't heard of any more upcoming DX11 titles. I know and own most of the current DX11 games, except for Battleforge which I won't be buying for obvious reasons. I have been unable to locate any lists showing any upcoming DX11 games except what I see here most of which have already been released.

Anybody know any other DX11 games coming soon?
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  1. I'm hoping HL3!
  2. Yeah I've seen that one pank, when I first saw that I figured that was BC2 and that was a mistake. I hope there actually is a BF3 coming out, BC2 gets old pretty quick.

    I heard Valve is making an announcement at E3 something secret, hope your right mi1ez. That would be insane.. man, and source still looks the best imo.. although not the most detailed can't see what they put out next
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