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Sorry if this has already been discussed but this is something that has pissed me off no end for a while.

Right, I have a 10mbit cable connection in my flat, get 1.1mb/sec or max line speed on my desktop and various laptops (and 360 when it wasnt banned) but my ps3 is just so damn slow when grabbing system updates and game updates. To test I checked my speed whilst downloading the latest bf bad company 2 update and it wasnt even using 1mbit of my total bandwidth hence it took about an hour 2 get a pathetic 300mb update. I am using a wired connection and a very short cable so its not a wireless issue. I have googled and read around but there hasnt been much useful info other than setting up a static ip for it which I'm dubious will change anything significantly.
Surely it is not just sonys psn? I have heard others get fine speeds. anyone got any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

EDIT - just did a speed test using the ps3 web browser, getting 10mbit down and 2 up just as I should be so guess that really means its at sonys end and not much I can do about that....awesome...(sarcasm added)
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  1. Hmm, I downloaded a couple games off PSN, but it was a weekday morning (Washington DC time zone) so I'm guessing not a lot of users online. Speed seemed reasonable to me, esp. since I have a wireless connection.
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