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hi all
iv been told that my Gigabyte GA-7VAXP is the bottleneck in my system. iv oc my mobile 2500 to 2.2 12.5 176 fsb and thats as far as I can push it so iv been thinking of getting something like an Abit NF7-S, is this the right choice or is there is a better choice.
If I got an Nforce 2 board would I notice a big performance boost as I like games like doom3 and farcry
thanks Gwyn.

GA-7VAXP with newest bios and drivers
mobile 2500 barton @ 2200 with a Vantec aeroflow 2 HSF
512 pc3200
120gig wd
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  1. heya Gwyn;

    Since you probably bought that CPU for the sole purpose of OCing the hell out of it, then you probably have no other recourse then to try a different mobo, and the Abit is a good choice.
    Good Luck
  2. thankyou for your response
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