Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 or MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum

Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 or MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, which one of these two is the best (if money doens't matter) for my FX-53?

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  1. Actually, neither of them are better for upper end, new system usage.

    the via chipset is actually faster on the MSI board. :)
    Plus, it can utilize cool and quiet (nforce3 doesnt use it), saving noise and heat issues while you arent using the computer.

    I prefer msi boards as they can 10-15% overclock your system without tweaking. I never would tweak my board to run better and such, i think its a bad idea, im against OC'ing. The msi board has an option to just choose for them to maximize your system, which works, and is easy and safe.

    really, it doesnt matter much which board you get so long as it is there top board. the differences are small. THG did a review today and said how asus's gigabit controller was great and how some have 133mhz ATA controllers and stuff, both fairly useless for someone buying a system that will be hooked to the internet via broadband and who wants to use new hardrives. Some offer one more channel for sound. VIA is the only one that offers something useful I feel, and is the mature chipset which beat out nvidia for a year and half in its usage of 1ghz hypertransport.

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  2. Are you sure the nForce 3 chipset does not suppot Cool-n-Quiet? Asus's website list Cool-n-Quite as a feature on their socket 754 nVidia based motherboard.

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  3. He's a VIA troll, he works for the enemy of the hardware enthusiast community, the company that single handedly created AMD's formerly bad reputation.

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  4. nforce3 does support cool and quiet:
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  5. nvidia driver support will never let u down...go for msi

    i m doomed!!!
  6. THG tested 11 boards for 939. all that said worked with cool and quiet, none did besides the via one on the MSI.

    so, i duno. get it to work on a new board, and that would be nice.
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