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Hi, i am looking for some guidance and suggestions regarding building my new computer from scratch, i require a system that is going to be able handle Video work, i am prepared to spend the dollars to get a fast opperating system, preferably NOT intel unless that is the only option, i have looked at several dual CPU boards but can't make my mind up which if any would be best for the job, i must say that i a fan of MSI Boards. at the moment i am running an Asus A7V333, 512mb DDR Ram and the problem with this board is there is no Raid array which is not helpful. ANY help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. heya pete;

    What exactly do you mean by "video work", your gonna have to be more specific.
  2. Intel 3.2C on an IS7 or AMD64-3500 on a 939 platform. 3.4E Prescott on a 775 platform.

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  3. what i mean is i have a digital video camcorder and want to process the footage, at the moment my current system is not capable of doing it unless i'm prepared to wait ages for it to do the rendering and burning, i will be doing quite a lot of this type of work and want to build a suitable system to handle these processes in a reasonably short space of time, would like maybe 3gigs of ram to start with and a good Video/Graphics Card, i was thinking that maybe a dual CPU board would be more appropriate for this type of work or is there a single CPU Board that can handle the job. I look forward to your reply. Thanks Pete
  4. Intel seems to be best in general for encoding video, but what the heck, go AMD.

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