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I have a good HP Scanjet2000C scanner that I would like to use on Windows 7. How can I do this.
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  1. HP does not even list a 2000C under their downloads section, do you mean a 2200C maybe? There are no drivers past XP for this model, if Windows 7 does not detect it, you won't be able to use it.

    The 2300C does have Vista drivers, which sometime also work with Windows 7, if you have that model, try the Vista drivers. Heck, you may as well try the 2300C drivers even if you have the 2200, you can't really break it that way. The only thing you may get is the "no compatable hardware found" error.
  2. I have a Scanjet 6300c scanner and the only way I could use it with Windows 7 was through WindowsXP mode.
  3. bbh, if you check on hairystuff's method, you need to have Win 7 Pro and above. Win 7 Home does not have XP mode.
  4. I want HP scanjet driver for windows 7 ?
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