Error While Winning in MW2

I was in a game, and we were winning. Suddenly, the error message "Explosive bullets are not supported for entities of type 'Turret'. What does this mean? I was using the legal bullet option on the P90.

I don't cheat or know how to hack. It seems I'm always in last place because of this. I really hate this game and the total lack of support from Activision or Steam.

i7 860 @ 3.78
4GB 2133 DDR3 @ 2128
Intel SSD
XFX 5970 Black Edition at stock
EVGA FTW E657 motherboard
Win 7 64bit
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  1. if you or someone else has the super sprint mod installed on the computer, even if they are not using it, it can cause problems, seems especially if shooting at riot sheilds from behind, don't know why, but that is what the MOD forums say
  2. I haven't installed any mods. What can I do to correct the problem?
  3. some of the repair are about trying to uninstall PB, if you do be sure that you remove it from C:windows/system32, also here is a couple of links about your problem
    this is lot different than the MOD forums I was looking at, seems the eproblem may be the windows fire wall, but read the last article and I wish you great fraggin
  4. *sigh* this is why I hate peer-to-peer games. They always break and the community can't fix them...
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