Good computer, bad fps in CSS

my specs:
4gigs skill

my computer used to run this game flawlessly, never below 100fps. Now out of the blue im dropping into the 50's when in gunfights + smokes and stuff. I dont get it, i'm not overheating for sure, ive troubleshooted the ram/hardrive/videocard all are working fine. My other games all work great. Even with an fps config, my game runs like ***. Any ideas?
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  1. You say it used to run better, thus something must have changed for it to now run slower. Is your hard drive almost full? When last did you do a defrag or clean out some of the unnecessary crap that tends to accumulate over time?
  2. Could be dust build up affecting your temperatures and causing something to throttle. Could also be PSU. Can you list your PSU and motherboard?
  3. i reformatted and its still runny crappy, i also have blown out my case completely.
    Mainboard : Gigabyte EP43-UD3L
    not sure what the psu is, but its 550watts
    all my other games work fine though
  4. If this started happening recently, it is because of the beta that is going on and the number of background updates that the game is going through. The beta that they are testing is mainly about changing the engine that the game runs on, which is much more intensive than the previous Source engine. I noticed this also and I went searching on the Steam Forums and people were discussing how the non-beta users were getting drops in performance. I used to be able to max out the game with my native resolution but now i have to have everything on low to run my native resolution at a steady 40 FPS... The update will be publically released in the next month or so and performance will this increase to where it once was.
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