Does this board have hyper path 2?

Hi, I just bought a new computer which hasn't arrived yet and I've noticed that my board is an Asus P5GDC-V Deluxe.

According to


They list hyper path 2 as a feature of this board.

But according to this site.

They have a chart that gives a bullet to which motherboard has hyperpath 2, but the P5GDC-V doesn't have that bullet in that chart.

So I have 2 sites one of them which is Asus that lists hyper path 2 as a feature.

And then I have a Austrailian Asus website that says it doesn't have that feature.

So does anyone know if it does?

Also what is the difference between the P5GDC-V Deluxe and the P5GDC Deluxe???

I've watched both specs and they seem the same except the P5GDC-V comes with an integrated video processor.

Why would they be the same price if both are the same except when has a video processor???

I already have a videocard, so I don't need an integrated video processor, so should I cancel the order and get the P5GDC deluxe which is the same price but doesn't have a video processor? I will if it somehow has more features that compensated for not having a video processor which I haven't been able to find out yet.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Probally so on the HyperPath, or the next generation equivlant...not sure...sorry...

    Onboard grafix, imho, is just as well no grafix, if gaming is concerned. Cheap, and just a feature to disable...features usually cost only 10-15 bucks anyway...
    Get the one w/o onboard grafix, and use your add on card.

    Try everything...
    Do not be afraid of failure, for this is how we learn and grow...
    Live life to the fullest...
    Do not regret what you have not done!!!
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