IE5.5 and windows 2000

I am using IE 5.5 on windows 2000.. I used to able to right click and goto view source.. and then note pad will pop out and I can view the source code.. but now.. Note pad doesn't pop out and I cannot see the source code anymore.. Pls help
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  1. ...I got you beat, IE5.5 won't work at all for me. Every internet browser under the sun will work just fine except IE. It will install just fine, but when it comes to opening a page: "Page cannot be viewed" or something. It's like it doesn't see my connection, which is absolutly retarded cuz IE has an idiot-proof connection wizard. I can't figure it out, some of my friends think that it might have something to do with my ISP. any ideas would be appreciated, because 'Nutscrape Aggrivator' kinda sux.

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  2. My standardized solution to 95% of windows problems is crash and reload. That is: repartition, reformat, reinstall. (applies to every known flavor of windows produced by msft)

    After spending 2 hours of registry and .ini tweaking years ago, I found I made slightly more progress (timewise) by reloading instead of just typing and cursing.
  3. LOL - my usual resort aswell!
    me n' bill got a love-hate thing goin on.

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  4. I would download 5.5 again from microsoft and try and reinstall it and see if that works. Thats about all you can do, aside for a whole os reload.

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  5. I got ie5.5 working last night, not sure how exactly. I used a complicated techinique passed down though generations in my family of 'checking' and 'unchecking' the little boxes until it worked.
    ~if it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is.

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